Common Questions About Outdoor Awnings

Common Questions About Outdoor Awnings


There are many Australians out there who are wanting to look for something that will allow them to keep the sun and the rain off a shop window, doorway or s ship’s deck. One of the best ways to achieve this is with ziptrak blinds, outdoor awnings, otherwise known as a canopy, shade, sunshade, shelter, or covering. In addition to the shelter aspect, many people find themselves looking in outdoor awnings because of the visual aspect. They can lift the appearance of any building and can offer a beautiful and romantic aesthetic. This is why so many cafes and restaurants out there go for this option as it will offer them street appeal and will so attract more customers. For the home, many people love to create a peaceful garden area where people can relax, chat, and eat all while being protected from the elements. The great news is that there are so many different options out there and many nowadays will retract. This means that people are able to have different choices for different weather conditions. There are many different materials, patterns, and fabrics available to choose from which is fantastic but can sometimes get a little overwhelming for those who are trying to make a purchase decision. As this is the case, this article will explore some of the common questions asked about outdoor awnings so that people can make educated purchases.



What exactly is a retractable outdoor awning?

As many people love the idea that they would be able to retract their outdoor awning so that it is out of the way at times, they will be wanting to learn as much information as possible. For those who are curious, a retractable option contains spring-loaded arms for support which makes it easy for those who are lifting or lowering. The reason why this is such a popular choice is because people can also have them half retracted or fully retracted depending on what is desired. Retractable options are mounted on strong brackets which are then attached to the building. This means that people don’t have to install any support poles but they will need to have a sturdy and clear area on their building when they are able to attach the support brackets. People are then able to sit in the sun when they feel like it but when they are feeling like they have had enough, they can easily create their own shade.


Are there other options aside from retractable outdoor awnings?

While some people out there will love the idea of this choice, there are others that want a no muss or fuss option which is permanently in the extended format. This means that it cannot be retracted but as soon will want to have the ability to look at their outdoor awning at all times, this can be a great choice from them. Once again, people will need to have a clear space on their building where they are able to attach the system. When people choose this permanent option is can also be a good idea to pick a sturdy material as it will permanently be exposed to the elements. As this is the case, most companies will use aluminium steel as the support braces and heavy duty fabrics for the canopy itself. These are usually waterproof so that they aren’t too damaged during thunderstorms or heavy rainfall. Many people love to go for this option to also create more shade inside of their homes as some areas of a building can be more exposed to harsh sunlight than other areas.

What To Expect With An OT Driving Assessment

hand on the steering wheel


There will be individuals who suffer hardships in life, and while they will act as setbacks, that should not deny them their independence. One of the important steps to regaining that independence is through a resource known as an Occupational Therapy (OT) driving assessment.


From issues surrounding age, injury, impairment or illness, having to manage a major health issue can be devastating for an individual to manage on a day to day basis. What an OT driving assessment can help to establish is a degree of competence and confidence for a citizen to transport themselves in spite of their ailment.

hand on the steering wheel

While those individuals will have experience accessing their license and running through the renewal process, undertaking an entirely new program can be daunting. Just what is involved with this initiative and how soon could you expect to be back out on the road after signing up?


Here we will outline just what you should be expecting from this program as you showcase your physical and cognitive skills once more.


2 Central Components

Your standard OT driving assessment will be comprised of two central components that will have to be passed in order for you to begin driving again. This is formulated from an on-road activity known as a practical driving assessment and an off-road activity that is also known as a clinical assessment. The average length of time to undertake this process is approximately 2.5 hours and will vary depending on the demand for the service on the day and the efficiency of the operation. A certified OT driver will conduct the on-road element as the instructor will help the individual cater their needs to the type of vehicle they require on the day. In some cases an additional driving aid is needed to fulfill the assessment, yet these are rare scenarios.


Variety of Services

With the industry of disability services being largely privatized, the OT driving assessment sector will give clients the chance to scour the market for a range of services. Whether you are based in a large city, a suburban location or a rural area, conducting a search for operators in your region should produce enough results to see what options are on hand. Prices will be mostly standardized across the board and will take into account your personal demands and requirements to pass the program.


Fast and Efficient Process

That average 2.5 hour time period for an OT driving assessment illustrates that the process for the most part is quick and efficient. Many operators will promote themselves as a service that offers a short waiting list and a fast turnaround time from the referral time to the conclusion of the program. This is an advantage of the privatized sector where companies must provide an incentive to be a consumer of their services.


Possibility of a Driver Rehabilitation Program

There will be recommendations in certain instances for a driver rehabilitation program to be involved following the OT driving assessment. This will occur when the driver needs a specialized mode of driving that suits their personal circumstances, perhaps including a modified vehicle. It will be a direct result of their physical and cognitive results of the program. Rather than being seen as a hindrance to the individual, it should be seen as an opportunity to be road-ready.


Assesses Your Outcomes

The OT driving assessment will work to assess your outcomes and results. The status of the license will be accepted, downgraded, modified, suspended or canceled. Whatever the result is, the individual will have the chance to take stock and embrace the next step.



The OT driving assessment is purely designed to get people back onto the road and give back their independence. Should you happen to tick all of the relevant boxes, then undertaking an OT driving assessment will be a helpful process to achieving that goal.


Everything You Need to Know About Arborist Reports for Development Applications

Everything You Need to Know About Arborist Report for Development Applications

There are many things to take into consideration before and during a new development, from getting council permission to build or extend to whether you are in the right financial position to undergo the project. However, there are other aspects that you may not have thought of, specifically surrounding the trees and plants that currently live on the land you wish to build on. This is where arborist reports for development applications come in. What are they? And why are they relevant? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about why they are essential parts of your planning process.


What is an Arborist Report for Development Applications?

These assessments are carried out to determine if a block of land can be built on or if it is possible to extend a current property. This applies to both commercial and residential projects. The aim is to determine the retention value of any trees on the land and decide if it is possible to remove them. It is the role of the contractor of the project to make adjustments to the plans according to the outcome of the arborist report for development applications.


When Should I Contact a Tree Surgeon?

It is often recommended that you contact a tree care professional at the beginning of the design process. At this stage they will most likely want to do a Preliminary Tree Assessment in order to help the architect and landscape designer develop plans around the current trees on the property. In doing this, you will know what plants are of high retention value, and which should not be a constraint on the design and can be removed. However, depending on the scale and type of project you are undergoing, an arborist report for development applications may not be required until the middle stages of the planning process. The downside to leaving it until later in the process to complete this check is that your plans will need alteration, rather than the easier method of just making plans around the tree surgeons recommendations at the beginning of the project.


Will I Need Any Other Tree Inspections?

Depending on the results of the arborist report for development, you may need further inspections to help decide the best course of action for you, and the environment. In this situation, you will often be required to get an Arboricultural Impact Assessment. Any council will explain the meaning of this inspection to you, but it essentially means all trees will be identified and categorised into removal, transplantation and retention. Furthermore, the report will highlight what design measures are needed in order to adhere to the outcome. This means finding a way to minimize the impact on the trees that will remain on the property. From this point, you will be able to make final plans and move forward with your development.


What Happens If I Fail to Get an Inspection?

In Australia, councils take environmental health very seriously, especially when it comes to rare species of plant, or trees that provide a home for many native creatures. Therefore, if you remove a tree, or continue with your building plans without following the correct procedure you could find yourself facing environmental court, and a large fine.


How Much Does an Assessment Cost?

Generally, the cost of all inspections are roughly the same. The maximum price you will pay for one tree is usually about $450. Depending on the species of tree, this could increase to $100 per extra tree involved in the assessment. However, remember that the results may require additional treatments that mean added costs.

Steps to take to find a bail lawyer in Melbourne

A bail lawyer in Melbourne is an attorney who specialises in criminal cases. They are the professionals to seek support from when someone is wanting to make an application to be released from prison. The desire to make such an application usually occurs when a party has been put in custody and a decision about their charges may not be made right away. As it can sometimes take months for a hearing to occur, many people wish to spend their time waiting in their homes rather than in prison. A bail lawyer in Melbourne is able to help with this by making an application on behalf of the accused and by acting as their representation in court. For many people staying in prison can be an extremely stressful and mentally draining experience, so it is imperative to seek the support of a bail lawyer in Melbourne as soon as possible. If an application has been denied in an out of session hearing, a bail lawyer in Melbourne is able to gather all of the necessary evidence and make a further case in Magistrates court. It is further important to find a representative who has years of experience and who has a strong and commanding presence. As it is so important to finding professional representation, this article will explore some steps that can be taken to find a bail lawyer in Melbourne.

Have a family member or friend search online

One of the quickest ways to finding a bail lawyer in Melbourne is by searching online. If the accused is in a position when they are unable to search for representation online themselves, a loved one is able to do it for them. Usually the best reviewed firms will appear at the top of Google search results, and Google reviews can also be easily read. The website of a firm will usually contain pictures of their attorneys as well as their professional bios and a description of the services that they offer. Once a firm is found that looks suited for the case, they can easily be contacted via the phone number provided on their website to discuss prices and availabilities. There are many firms out there now who offer a one-off price rather than a pay by the hour which can be very helpful for those who may be borrowing or loaning the money necessary to make the application.

Discuss the things that can affect the outcome.

There are many different things that can affect the outcome, so it is important to find bail lawyer in Melbourne who will assess the case to best decipher what they think may occur. The nature and severity of the offense will usually come into play, as will the client’s criminal history. For example, if it is their first offense, it may be more likely that the application will be granted. If there is a history of violence or mental illness, this may make things a little harder. It may mean that the case is denied, or it may mean that there are conditions to the bail. E.g. the party involved must refrain from doing a certain thing or going a certain place. Security conditions may be applied, and the involved party will need to show up for their next hearing. All of these conditions and more can be discussed with a bail lawyer in Melbourne who can give their expert advice on what steps to take next. Discussing these factors with a representative over the phone or in person is a great way to ensuring that they know what they are talking about and are confident in their knowledge.

The different types of spa treatments available today

The different types of spa treatments available today

Spa treatments are a special type of pampering that we all wish we could enjoy every day.  Whether you want advanced skin care or a simple or wanting the best massage in Sydney there are plenty of wonderful activities that leave you feeling rejuvenated.

There are many different types of spa treatments administered by professionals who take client care to the next level. Whether you are aiming for something simple or high concept, there is a relaxing treatment option that you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Let’s take a look at some of the best spa treatments people get nowadays.

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment uses hot stones to help with massage and acupressure treatments. It has grown in popularity over the years and is a common sight in most contemporary centres.


Facial treatments come in a wide variety of invasive and non-invasive forms. Gentle skin cleansers contrast with more extreme measures like Botox. There is something on the spectrum to suit any kind of individual.

Body Wraps

This includes several herbal remedies that use natural beautification elements like mud, clay, paraffin and seaweed. These treatments can help cleanse the skin as well as promote weight loss.

Salt Scrubs

This is a deep exfoliation remedy that helps to remove dead or dried skin cells. The process involved the massage of salts (sometimes sourced from the famous Dead Sea) into the skin. It may also use herbal remedies for massage like walnut paste or almonds.

Colonic Irrigation

An effective, if somewhat less pleasant, method of cleaning the body of toxins is colonic irrigation. This treatment is usually performed over several sessions and is in high demand at the clinics it is used at.


Based on an ancient holistic philosophy that is over 5000 years old, Ayurveda uses natural remedies alongside practises that have stood the test of time. This treatment has been recognised to help with a range of medical issues as well as being very relaxing in general.


This practise involves the therapeutic application of essential oils that are used in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Each oil is used differently based on its individual healing properties.


Probably the most popular spa treatment in history, massage has several obvious things that are appealing about it. There are hundreds if not thousands of massage techniques and philosophies that govern this area of spa treatment.

Obvious benefits of massage include the release of stress and tension from pent up muscles via soothing rubbing motions.


A liquid wax that is soft to touch; Paraffin is used on its own or infused with essential oils. It is a hydrating ingredient that is used to relax and soften dry skin through massage. It is also used to prepare feet and hand for special treatments.

Which treatment will you go with?

What is mentioned here is just some of the most popular spa activities that are available. Treatments like massage have a huge range of different styles that will be attractive to different types of people.

In choosing a treatment it’s best to establish what your needs are. Are you experiencing discomfort and need relief or are you looking for a cosmetic treatment to improve your skin?

Sometime it’s nice to just enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa treatment alone or with friends and loved ones. Many spas offer affordable group rates for those who want to plan an entire day of relaxing activity.

So what are you waiting for? There’s so many great and affordable spa options out there that is definitely something suited to your taste and budget.

What Is Involved With Yuko Hair Straightening

What Is Involved With Yuko Hair Straightening

With Asian culture playing a more significant role in the West, styles and designs that were once kept a secret are now far more prevalent and widespread. The Yuko hair straightening method is one such example that is taking off in the U.S., U.K. and Australia where services and brands are recognising the value in a treatment that is both chemical in design and organic in application.


Translating to the terms “excellence, superiority and gentleness,” Yuko hair straightening is a means of garnering consistent texture without the need to maintain and condition on a regular basis. This makes it appealing for a number of factors, eliminating much of the hassle whilst securing a look that is appealing all season round.


Here we will examine what is involved with this phenomenon to inform you about the process and the benefits that is carries.

Style Is Almost Permanent


In what could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective, Yuko hair straightening is essentially permanent for those that want to invest in a long-term look that suits them. Once they have booked an appointment and undergone the process for anywhere between 3-4 hours, all that needs to be done by the consumer is to utilise a deep-conditioning hair mask approximately once a week.


Certain beauticians will intend to break down the chemical bonds that would see naturally frizzy or wavy hair remain the way it was intended, meaning that a revert to the original form would take some time. Having been straightened, the roots will grow out and need to be touched up, but it will eventually cater to that style in time.


Nothing in the salon world is ever truly permanent, but consumers who are looking to keep it this way won’t have any issues doing so.

Semi-Regular Touch Ups Required


Another type of method that is akin to Yuko hair straightening is seen with the Brazilian blow dry style. The outcome is eerily similar, yet the individual has to come into the salon every 10-12 weeks for maintenance purposes.

With this style, the conditioning is only necessary once every 4 to 6 months, meaning the customer only needs to book in an appointment twice or three times a year maximum.


One of the real hassles for any styling is the need to return to the salon on multiple occasions to keep the texture and aesthetic in its ideal form. Time has to be put aside and hours spent in the chair can be difficult for customers who have a number of items on their agenda. Fortunately those that opt for Yuko hair straightening don’t have that burden to deal with on a continual basis.

Caters To Other Styles


Whether you arrive to the salon with a frizz, with curls, kinks, waves or something thick and lush, Yuko hair straightening will issue a uniformed approach that will work for all types and styles. Customers are advised to have an in-depth consultation with a beautician as they undergo a process of pre-treatment, the application of the solution, a rinse, an iron and finally a neutraliser that will condition the straightening process.



So there we have a general summation of what is involved with Yuko hair straightening. This is an option that may or may not go out of fashion in the near future and depending upon your own condition and individual requirements, there might be a superior alternative out there. It is advised that you consult a certified stylist first before agreeing to the Yuko hair straightening method, but there are clearly multiple benefits for those that choose this look.

How divorce lawyers can help with confusing documentation

divorce lawyers

When it comes time to ending a marriage, there can be some confusing things that accompany this decision. One example of this is the application that must be filled out when applying to end a relationship. Similarly, there can be occasions where couples must have proof that they have separated for a certain period of time. Some examples of this could be bank statements, rental agreements, receipts for the separate purchasing of products and so on and so forth. In addition to all of this, ex-spouses will often need to look over prenuptial or postnuptial agreements and will need to implement child custody agreements. They will need to divide their assets and figure out if spousal maintenance or child support payments need to be made by one party to another. Figuring out all of this can be a lengthy process and one that most people can’t wrap their head around. Thankfully, simply implementing the help of a professional divorce lawyer in Sydney can make confusing documentation seem a lot easier and the best overall outcome is more likely to be achieved. Not only can divorce lawyers help with filling out and submitting the initial application, they are able to help with other documentation as well.

What other things can divorce lawyers help with?

The great thing about seeking support from expert divorce lawyers is the fact that they can help with a wide variety of elements. In addition to helping with the application, they are able to help their clients with putting together evidence of their separation.

Divorce lawyers can advise their clients on what sorts of things they should be keeping such as bank account statements, so that they have sufficient evidence that the two people involved have in fact remained separated for a year before putting in the application. In addition to this, divorce lawyers are able to help their clients by looking over prenuptial or postnuptial agreements with them.

They can help them understand what that means for them and what things they may be able to dispute in court if necessary. For example, if someone didn’t know what they were signing at the time, they may be able to fight the conditions of the agreement.

They are also able to work with everyone involved to help draw up child custody agreements that everyone is happy with. In the cases where people will need to attend court, an attorney is able to act as legal representation.

Why it is always a good idea to receive help

When it comes to documentation, it is always important that people know exactly what they are signing. As signing an agreement is legally binding, it is important that clients know what this will mean for them.

As legal jargon can be quite confusing for the everyday person, it can be very helpful for people to seek expert help from divorce lawyers. This way they can feel safe knowing that they understand everything that they are signing, but they can also have peace of mind knowing the best outcome is more likely to be achieved.

On top of all of this, divorce lawyers can act as a shoulder to lean on during what can be a difficult time for everyone involved. When people are feeling emotional is can be great for them to have someone to take care of things for them so that they can concentrate on their new lives that lay ahead of them. At the end of the day, to avoid any costly mistakes, it is always wise to seek out professional help and support.

Top Tips for Picking the Best Sydney Wedding Photographer

Sydney wedding photographer.

It’s not uncommon for people to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding; for most brides and grooms, everything has to be perfect. Many couples spend hours deliberating over every tiny detail, so it’s no surprise that people want every heartfelt feature captured in photos. If you’re currently planning a ceremony, you have probably already noticed that there are tonnes of people calling themselves wedding photographers, but how many of them will actually produce beautiful pictures to serve as mementos from the day? If this is a problem you’re currently struggling with, keep reading to find out how to ensure you hire the best Sydney wedding photographer.


  1. Before even considering anyone to snap photos of your special day, you need to decide on a style. There are so many options, ranging from the traditional posed portrait to more candid shots of everyone enjoying the festivities. There will be a style for everyone, but the key here, is to do your research. Once you have a style in mind, look for Sydney wedding photographers that specialise in that particular style. If you love a particular style, do it, and your day, justice by hiring someone who has experience with it.


  1. Many Sydney wedding photographers offer packages, so when looking at pricing, be sure to look at what is actually included in the package. Make sure you read the fine print so you know exactly you’re paying for. The last thing you want is to find out you have to pay extra for things that you thought were included.


  1. Once you’ve found a few different photographers that fit your budget and style, ask to see their portfolio. Any experienced and professional photojournalist will have an extensive portfolio of all their previous work. When looking through a portfolio, be critical and look for the moments you want captured. Did they take beautiful photos of the first dance? Or the cutting of the wedding cake? Also consider things like the lighting and editing. Don’t forget that you are paying for a service, so you need to make sure the photos turn out exactly as you want them. After looking through a few portfolios you should find that it becomes easier to make a decision.


  1. After you’ve decided on a couple of wedding photographers who’s work you like, set up a meeting with them. A lot of people underestimate how important it is to like who you hire. Remember, this is someone who will be there on your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable with having them around and be happy for them to share the ceremony and party with you and your family. If you’re not comfortable with them, the photos may end up looking strained, and the last thing you want is to look like a deer in the headlights. If you don’t gel with someone, don’t hire them.


  1. The final thing you should do before signing the dotted line is look at reviews and recommendations. If friends or family have used the wedding photographer you are considering, as them about their experience. If not, look online. Many professionals will be happy to give out information of their previous clients if you ask, so if you really want to know what someone is like to work with, ask someone they have worked for.


  1. Probably the most important thing to remember is that this is your day, so relax and enjoy it. All you have to do is trust that your photographer will produce beautiful photos. If you have chosen a professional, and you are smiling, it’s impossible for the pictures to be anything short of stunning.

How to find a NDIS provider list

How to find a NDIS provider list

There are thousands of Australians out there who sadly suffer from disabilities. This means that they find it hard to work a regular 9-5 job (or sometimes any job for that matter), find it hard to study, or can find it hard to move around without pain. This can be extremely frustrating and exhausting, and many people look down on those with disabilities especially when they are mental conditions such as anxiety or depression. Furthermore, those with conditions that cannot be accurately tested for such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic migraines are often accused of making their symptoms up. For all of these reasons and more, it is imperative that someone who is suffering from any type of chronic condition seeks professional help. The only issue with this is that when people are unable to work, they find it hard to put together the funds to pay a professional to help them. This is where the NDIS provider list comes in to play. The NDIS provider list is a database of health professionals that are a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This means that those who are struggling are able to get services for free in some cases or can more commonly receive a substantial Medicare rebate. And for many people out there, any assistance they can get financially is precious.

So where does a person find a NDIS provider list?

A NDIS provider list can easily be found on the National Disability Insurance Scheme website. Furthermore, there is an accurate and up-to-date NDIS provider list for each state and territory in Australia. This makes it super easy for those who are struggling to find someone close to them. Some professionals nearby may even be able to come to someone’s home. Some examples of the types of help that can be found in these databases are accommodation, employment assistance, assistance with personal activities, personal carers, end of life assistance, house keeping help, as well as much more. There are also many options for therapeutic professionals such as physiotherapists, food specialists, speech pathologists, counsellors, psychologists, as well as much more. As it can be seen, for someone experiencing a chronic-issue they are able to find a host of help by searching through the NDIS provider list. For those who are unable to use the internet themselves, they could have a loved look up the NDIS provider list for them and even print it out. There is also a contact number available on the website which people can call if they wish to find out more information or if they are unable to find the NDIS provider list on the website.

An office can be visited in person

As not everyone is super savvy with the internet, a National Disability Insurance Scheme office can be visited. There are many different offices scattered across Australia as to cater to as many people as possible. Offices are usually open from 8.30am – 4.30pm or 9.00am – 5pm and are happy to assist those who are searching for the NDIS provider list in their area. Visiting a centre in-person is a great option if it is possible as they may be able to offer other areas of support that people were not aware of. An example of this is community-based events and support groups. They will be able to advise people on what criteria they will need to meet in order to be eligible, and they can even help people make personal plans. So, whether someone prefers to visit a centre in person or to find out information online, they will easily be able to find the NDIS provider list in their area.

Why SMEs Are Gravitating To Cognos Analytics


IBM’s Cognos analytics was rolled out late in 2015 as a direct response to market forces and to a less that warm reaction to their previous business intelligence applications. Despite previous missteps and mistakes along the way, the brand understood that it had to get its act together with new cloud-based operations suddenly emerging and taking a lot of the limelight

Enter the new Cognos analytics rollout, a program that promised to deliver on what made IBM such a market leader in the first place, but with a combined purpose to provide a user-friendly, adaptable and innovative application.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have started to understand the benefits of this model once they dig a little deeper, something that is not always considered when thinking about the day-to-day operation of a business attempting to make ends meat.

Here we will run our eye closely over the advantages of this release to underline the major features and benefits of investing in such a program.

Simple To Use

Cognos analytics from IBM, simply put, is easy to use. There are very few details that need an inherent understanding of IT or business intelligence insights to make it work for your business needs. The self service model gives the user the power by allowing them to simply drag and drop data on the central dashboard, something that was not really a facet of the brand beforehand.

Given that the browser is run through the web and not installed from a major software installation process, the overheads are limited and it is simply a matter of logging in to review your status and play around with the reports and data how you see fit.

Visual Analysis

Let us not underestimate the drag and drop functionality that Cognos analytics provides. From the outset, this eliminates many hassles and conversations with the support department at IBM by allowing for a visual representation to take place. Gone are the cold, static and binary reporting methods that were on display beforehand. This is a clear visual model that showcases the data with clarity and is the best modern representation of business analytical software around.

Utilised On The Cloud

Where a brand like IBM were falling down before in relation to their competitors was an inability to be compatible with the cloud. That lag was really costing the business, but with Cognos analytics, that is no longer a concern. With a global reach that makes them one of the biggest players around, they diversified their program to enable users to save, store and access their data on the cloud.

This is now a major asset in their toolkit by overriding the need for large IT departments and infrastructures to be in place. Companies that buy into these packages are able to scale their business model up or down with greater ease and efficiency, something that was not evident prior to this application.

Great For Mobile

Business managers and department heads are not always able to be on site at all times. Having mobile capacity with the help of a Cognos analytics app eliminates that concern as executives and analysts can authour a report from a remote location without having to be logged onto their desktop at the office. This might be a given in 2018 but for such a significant program, this is really important for all operations of a business seeking to gain an edge.

Live Updates

The live data analysis that is run through Cognos analytics ensures that everyone is updated immediately. No longer is there a time lag that places roadblocks on the efficiency of a business. As soon as a development occurs and it is reported on, that is notified on the dashboard.


SMEs no longer have to think small if they invest in a Cognos analytics package. The features and tools that are on offer can now be considered to be cutting edge in a market that is diverse and innovative. Speak to a professional adviser and consider how you can best access IBM’s Cognos analytics.